Facebook’s Recommend Page to Friend Feature: how to invite friends to like your business page

Did you ever use Facebook’s “Suggest To Friends” feature when you visited another page? How about for Pages you administer yourself?

That was a great question asked by Nick ONeill in his wonderful blog, All Facebook.

Do you wonder how to suggest your Facebook business page to your friends?  It’s a great way to get your website or page noticed on Facebook without an ad

A page recommended by a Facebook friend shows up on my News page.  Hard to ignore!
I want to do this! Pages recommended by Facebook friends show up high on the News page. Hard to ignore!

What we want to do on Facebook is to use the “Suggest to Friends” tool to tell a friend.

The problem is, many people don’t see how.

Facebook’s Suggest to Friends feature may be hiding – but you can find it

Turns out, if you use Facebook as your page (instead of as yourself), the tool to recommend your page disappears from Facebook’s “Get Started” list.

This may happen to you a lot. You may switch from your personal user mode to a Page when you want to work with your Facebook Business Page. Unfortunately, hides the “Tell Your Friends” tool for your page.

This is the tool I am looking for, and thanks to Nick ONeill’s post, Facebook hides suggest page to friends feature, I can find it now.

In Facebook, switch back and forth between yourself and your page using the "Account" menu
In Facebook, switch back and forth between yourself and your page using the "Account" menu

You can too. In the upper right corner whatever page you’re on, you can “switch to” yourself — your personal Facebook account – and then visit your own page.

Use your personal Facebook account to suggest pages to friends

Once you re-visit your own Facebook business page you’ll see the “Suggest To Friends” button ready to use.

the Suggest to Friends button in Facebook
Facebook's Suggest to Friends button is visible when using your personal account on Facebook, not your Page account

I appreciate suggestions from my friends. As someone interested in web marketing, recommending a page looks impressive. Recommended Facebook pages show up high on my profile page and are almost impossible to ignore.

Whoa there! Before you rush off to do this — give this a ‘share’ or ‘like’! Show your friends you’re smart about recommending pages too.

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