How to delete a spam comment in Facebook

Spam doesn’t usually appear in Facebook. After watching a dozen or so business Facebook pages as an administrator, it seems that Facebook keeps spam to a minimum.

But today, spam happened. Does spam happen to you?

One of the pages I manage had this totally off-topic comment. It promoted this ‘make money at home’ process with a link.

How to delete it?

Turns out other people have asked ‘how to delete a spam comment in Facebook” so here’s what worked for me:

Deleting a spam comment on a Facebook Page

If you have spam on a page, you can switch and use Facebook as that page.  (You may be able to do this without switching, but I like to ensure management tasks can be tracked to the page manager.)  Then, when you view the wall, move your cursor over the post in question.  You will see a little gear symbol in the upper right corner of the post. When you click the gear symbol, you’ll see the options to delete the post.

You can see you have 4 options: Remove Post; Remove Post and Ban User; Hide Post; or Report as Abuse.

Delete spam comment in Facebook

Options to delete a spam comment on a Facebook Page

I hate spam.  So I chose the last one — to report the post as abuse. This option not only deleted the post.  The next pop-up reported that Facebook would try to delete all other posts by that user on my page. And I had the satisfaction to report as abuse the user’s effort to hijack our crowd’s attention for his own ends.

Deleting a spam comment on a personal Facebook Page

If you have a spam comment on your wall (your personal profile), the process is similar (though not exactly the same).

Make sure you are logged in. When you view your wall, and hover over someone’s post you will see a little ‘x’ symbol in the upper right corner.  When you click it you have 3 options: hide the post, hide all posts, or mark it as spam.

Facebook Delete comment from persona wall

Options to delete a comment from your personal Facebook wall

I can’t really tell you what happens when marking a comment on your wall as spam.  I haven’t had to do this.  That is one of the things I like about Facebook — I see hardly any spam (knock on wood).

Well, the ‘work at home’ comment on my client’s page is gone.  I hope deleting spam is just this easy for you too.

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One Response to “How to delete a spam comment in Facebook

  • jenny
    6 years ago

    Hi, thanks for this. Problem is when I hover at the ‘X’, all I see is ‘none’ and there is no menu to select how to remove the unwanted post. Pls what can I do next?