Keywords in Domains Get Less Weight in Google

If you start a business, you need to choose a domain name. Finding a good name that is available can be quite a challenge.

People who want the best chance to rank well in Google work hard to get a keyword in the domain name. If you sell candy, for example, would help you rank well for in searches using “candy”. That’s because Google’s search formula has been known to give higher rank to sites with search words, or keywords, in the domain name.

Big news: Domain name keywords now matter less to Google.

There is this video by Matt Cutts of Google. In it, he explains Google’s new thinking on its ranking formula.

He actually says that Google is planning to decrease the weight given to keywords in domain names.

The issue is: why should a business be penalized in online search if it chooses a name that is more catchy? It is definitely possible to succeed without a keyword-laden brand names. In fact the most successful businesses don’t have keyword-stuffed names: twitter, amazon, yahoo, digg — these are Matt Cutts’s own examples.

Basically, Google listened to complaints that names get too much weight in ranking results. And they agreed.

From an SEO perspective this is a big piece of news. Even if you didn’t know to ask for a keyword-rich domain, knowing how it’s used in Google is important.

Now it matters less. What a relief! I think this liberates people to be a lot more creative in choosing a brand name.

If you sell widgets, and If is taken, don’t worry that you will be outranked in search results just because someone else grabbed your target keywords first.

You can succeed in Google with a name like: How? By doing what your market values, and Google wants to deliver. That is, by building great content, great service, links in from others, and ‘likes’ (and, do it better than

How do you think this may impact you the next time you are domain shopping?

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