Marketing Sanity from the Radical Business Guy

Tad Hargrave

Big marketing help from Tad Hargrave.

Do you ever get frustrated trying to market your business on the Web?

There are so many important factors – publishing mechanics, social media, blogging, Search Engine Optimization, creating landing pages, looking at visitor statistics, writing engaging content, developing a target market, strategy for Google Adwords, developing products….

Does your head spin?  I’ll admit it – all the dazzling facets of Internet marketing make me quite dizzy sometimes.

Here’s a free guide that simply blew me away as a source of sanity amid all the clamor.

It’s from a marketing advisor to the (growing) fringe – Tad Hargrave – who runs a great site called

If you want 195 pages of espresso-rich marketing advice (take it in small doses) — download his free e-book. You get it free as a bonus for subscribing to “emails from time to time.”

Among the top most helpful and inspiring bits in it

  •  Hargrave’s vision of the Conscious economy – made of locally active, cooperative people who want to live a good life and give back — who value building relationships and sustainable profits
  • The rationale (no — the plea) for  fair-minded ‘conscious’ entrepreneurs to succeed and build the new economy – and therefore to learn to market with integrity
  • Lessons in creating marketing strategies that attract prospects and open conversations (as opposed to manipulating people and closing sales)
  • 2 Self-assessments at the end, where you score yourself on a dozen “marketing horrors” and the health of your core relationships, and find out how to fix things yourself.

It speaks to a lot of problems we all struggle with in trying to understand the people we want to help with our business.

Go get your copy and share what you think.


2 Responses to “Marketing Sanity from the Radical Business Guy

  • well heavens! thank you so much 🙂 !

    • Heck you are so welcome. Thank you for posting that wonderful guide. I read it on my iPhone of all things — yes all 190-some pages on my tiny iPhone, over Thanksgiving. It was to only way to get my hands on it, and it is that good.