Got Blogger’s Guilt? Short Is Good Says Small Farm Central

Small Farm Central home pageStumbling across a beautiful website is such a treat. That is why I want to share a glimpse of Small Farm Central with you today.

Not only is it visually like a little patch of sweet green heaven. The content they offer is brief, practical and worthwhile.

Take this blog post: Keep it Short.

Here’s their strategy on keeping up with blogging during the busy harvest season:

I think one of the most important things to realize is that short is okay for your blog updates. A timely photo and a few lines of text may be more interesting to a customer than a 1000 word essay on integrated pest management.

This advice is so good for the rest of us non-farmers. Does it ring true with you? I am busy working too — growing websites instead of plants and animals.

Do you suffer from Blogger’s Guilt?

Often, I feel bad I don’t blog more often. Especially when I know how important fresh content is to looking alive. You’re so right, SFC — people don’t really want a long post, because they’re busy too!

I’m OK, You’re OK, Short is OK

Give yourself permission to share a helpful thought on impulse. Do it and call it your blog post for the day. I know the guy at Two Hour Blogger might want to beat me over the head with a yellow notepad for saying this. (Martyn Chamberlin is a true artist, and believes you can’t write quality content unless you invest at least 2 hours in each post.)

I agree that if you want to help yourself grow, posts must have decent quality. But that doesn’t mean they always need to be long. Or take two hours.

This took about half an hour all together – leaving you time to go enjoy the scenery.

“Like” this before you go!

Enjoy Small Farm Central.

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