Why Let Visitors Rate Your Content?

Summary: How do you highlight the most useful content on your site?  A star rating system lets your visitors sort out your best content in a list, automatically.

GD 5-star rating system plugin in action

GD 5-star rating system plugin in action

Hey, everybody.  GFXTown.com has a great example of how to use a star rating system to let your visitors sort out your best content in a list, automatically.

Visitors who want quick help finding a free image to use, or a specific Photoshop lesson will find useful, relevant help on this site.  That’s thanks to GFXTown’s use of the GD Star Rating System WordPress plugin. The sidebar of top content, rated by stars, is so helpful for showing what previous visitors found most useful on the site.

One of the biggest complaints I hear about people who  visit WordPress blogs:  the scope of the articles is hard to see at a glance.  One business colleague put it this way:

I don’t like just reading through the posts in order of appearance, I prefer to scan a list of topics and read articles that are most relevant to me.

And I had just looked at the GD Star Rating System plugin for a client.  I didn’t choose it.  That’s because the plugin page doesn’t really show at a glance how useful it can be.  Glad to see someone else figured it out.

Many plugin developers create wonderful tools, but then don’t do them justice with screenshots.  It is so important to show the simplest most obvious front-end benefit.

(Don’t get me started on marketing skills of WordPress Plugin developers.  Some of them have self-promotional energy to spare, and others seem to be completely in the dark about making it easy to see the benefit of using the plugin.)

Are there other ways to list top content?  Sure. I have used a highly-rated popular posts plugin myself.  But it didn’t really engage people like a 5-star rating system does.

There’s something about stars that tell you what’s hot at a glance.  If you are developing a lot of content, and you’d like to help people help themselves, consider a star rating system to showcase your most beloved posts.

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