10 Heartwarming Ways to Get More Shares

How do you meet new people?  You pick a social occasion, find an opening, and introduce yourself. But what if everyone is busy? That’s when having a friend to introduce you is a huge help in making new contacts.

We want the same help in our online social life too. That’s why we want our friends and clients to share our posts and updates on social media. People are busy, especially online.  Sure, we can promote our own stuff. But if the crowd is especially active, it’s hard to be heard above the noise.  We need the help of others to introduce us to their circle. How do we get this introduction?  We ask nicely, openly saying what we need, in a way that allows others to feel good about what they can do for us.

Asking for help is key to getting the action we want and need to build healthy business relationships.

Presenting share buttons in the margins of a post is one way to ask your readers to spread the word about your work. If that fits with the feeling you want on your page, then display them and you’re done.

As for me, I want people to know that if they share my post, I’m grateful. I’m asking a favor and I’m offering some benefits – appreciation, and an easy way for them to touch their followers with a fresh message.

Here are 10 frank and heartfelt calls to action you can use to warm readers up to your request for shares.  Get 10 free downloadable socialbcalls-to-action to copy and paste the next time you want to ask for help meeting new people:

10-ways-to-share10 Heartwarming Ways to Get More Shares

1. Our world is brighter because you were here. Share your visit with a click –

2. Your visit means a lot — Share it with a click

3. Your thoughts matter – Thanks for sharing

4. You share – we care! Thank you for telling your friends.

5. Sharing connects us – thanks for reaching out

6. We need your help – please give a share!

7. Touch a life – share your reading with a click

8. Your time is a gift – thanks for sharing yours

9. We need more people like you. Thanks for reading and sharing —

10. All shares matter – especially yours. Thank you for your click.


Seeing people value your work enough to pass it on is a great feeling – why not say something nice about that?

“You can have anything in life you want, if you just help other people get what they want.” This Zig Ziglar quote nails it when it comes to thanking our fans for spreading the word.

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