5 Ways Your Helpful Content Makes Your Business Stand Out (with proof)

I’ve talked with a few small business marketers who are scaring me. They’re looking for ways to get more web traffic, but don’t see the need for a website or helpful content. It seems that to bring in customers, they think all they have to do is get busy on social media.

This is not good. Most folks using social media are not looking to solve problems. They are looking to socialize. In fact, I believe most people on social media are looking to distract themselves from the stress of problems during social time.

Social media companies like Facebook are looking out for their own best interests. Not yours. Your gains on their platform today may be too expensive for you tomorrow.

Problem-solvers are searching for great content. They’re out looking for helpful, meaty stuff in many ways. That’s why I love what helpful content can do your small business.

Here are 5 specific ways quality content boosts the long-term health of your business.

1) Quality content has enduring value, unlike advertising.

In the content marketing model, your published work keeps performing for you without paid promotion. That’s because it’s designed to offer value outside the interruption model of advertising.

An ad’s impact is constrained by to the airtime you can buy. By offering it as information, you can give it a much longer online life. By hosting it on your own platform, and making it part of a content marketing plan, for instance, your content can keep drawing traffic for as long as it’s online.

Here’s an example. A recent blog post for one client brought 0.5% of page views during an ordinary month. As an experiment, she boosted the post on Facebook to promote it. The ad brought in 56% of total page views on the campaign’s best day. It was a great. But the dramatic gain disappeared after the money was spent.

After the promotion, the post now brings in about 1.5% of page views per month. As part of an ongoing content marketing strategy, hundreds of people keep coming to view that post each week on its own merits.

2) Your unique content differentiates you and your business.

Your personal perspective and voice makes your content distinctive.

Being distinctly yourself separates you from competitors. “It’s almost impossible to be better than the competition, ” writes Henneke (with credit to Sally Hogshead), “so we have to focus on how we can differentiate ourselves instead.”

Only you can know and tell your story. Your experiences are unique. Only you can see and describe the significance the experiences you share.

And when you’ve built an audience because they find your ideas helpful – they will do the social media sharing for you

This is from experience. I recently helped a client’s publish an article that got over 1,100 shares in a weekend. It also generated a record number of new email subscribers. We put our effort into the ideas, the helpfulness, and clear writing. The social shares are a result of daring to share a uniquely impassioned point of view.

3) The process of voicing your ideas helps you develop and refine your messaging platform.

How do you want your audience to think of you? If you want people to identify you with your message, you need a messaging platform, says marketing strategist Tiffany Butler.

As you keep watching and learning from the audience feedback to your content, your brand’s message becomes stronger, more memorable and consistent.

For example, at first a client began blogging with the general goal of promoting mental health issues. As she kept going, a platform emerged: become the most adept at helping people see the value of trauma-informed care.

4) Content marketing allows you to easily fuel social media marketing and paid marketing campaigns.

Want social media to work for you?

When you’ve got content, you’ve got all the more ideas to share with the world. And a destination where you can focus attention on your offer alone.

Social media can help entrepreneurs build customer-communities, with a website as the hub. I believe that creating an audience of email subscribers to your site, not followers on another platform, is simplest and best way to have a thriving business online.

Creating a community is a powerful way to uncover needs among people in your audience. It is the most direct path I know to create services that people want to buy. your

Repurpose your best ideas into short posts in social media. What gets the most shares, likes or reach? This is a great way to see what matters most to your crowd.

What can you learn as your best-performing pieces of content emerge?

Content that builds an audience gives you identifiable relationships to nurture, learn about, and serve better.

5) Creating and promoting content connects you with other professionals who care about the same things you do.

That’s the basis of customer referrals and influencer marketing

As you persist, you’ll see that some of your content gets more shares, comments, and more reach than others.

In creating content, you are likely to search for information to back up your ideas. You’ll discover other professionals who are writing and publishing on your topic.

Finding others who contribute to your industry has many benefits. Rather than competing for attention, many organizations are finding mutual benefits by joining forces.

Referrals are only one way to benefit from connecting with like-minded professionals.

Colleagues often provide some of the most relevant professional advice.

Good content is at the soul of your business.

Personally I love content marketing as a means to connect your business soul with others.

It’s a platform to discover and to express your human side in a digital world, with marketing benefits.

“In a world of information load, boring corporations, fake news, and content shock, readers are looking for a real human connection.” Yes, Henneke, yes. “And our best way to establish that connection is to write from the heart.”

I wish I wrote that, I so heartily agree.

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