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Joanne Masterson of Attention MachinesI’m Joanne Masterson, and I didn’t start my career doing web design and marketing.

I actually went to library school for a Master’s degree in Library Science. It’s great for anyone who likes to learn.

Imagine having a burning question like: How can I learn from the most successful entrepreneurs today? Now, say you discovered a system that organized put powerful answers at your fingertips.  This is why Library Science — especially cataloging — is exciting to me.  It’s a system that gives us control over growing amounts of media that answer what people want. Not only did I see how a system can connect people and ideas – I discovered a secret that has helped me remake passed over websites into helpful and productive ones.

Why These Library Science Roots are Valuable To Business Owners Like You

Library school introduced me to systems for cataloging – the science of organizing information. I saw that to help visitors, you have to organize everything according to how people look for it.

Put the new things up front to draw attention. Use simple terms your people use, or you’ll frustrate those who come to you for answers they want. If visitors don’t readily find what they need, they will get a strong taste of disappointment before going somewhere else.

Of course you don’t want your business to frustrate anyone. That’s why it’s important to make your website targeted and interesting to your customer’s point of view.

The Problem With Many Business Websites

It’s natural for business owners to be deeply entrenched their own work. The problem comes when they reflect their own interests instead of the customer’s on the website. A self-centered website is very common – but makes it much harder for you to connect with your customer than it should be.  In fact, business-centric web design and marketing is a major cause of low return on your website investment.

I’m here to help you fix this. Together, we create a  thought-sharing Attention Machine that keeps putting the shiny new stuff up front, so that people learn how exciting it is to stop by for your latest ideas.

Why A Customer Focused Approach Is A Good Bet for Growth

Still not sure you should base a growth strategy on helping your prospects? Is that the best way to attract business?

Here’s what happened for three of my earliest clients after we re-designed their sites with visitor interest in mind:

  • We re-worked a doctor’s website, to explain her treatment approach in simple terms, and offer health tips by email.  For the last 2 years, she’s won her city’s award for the Best Wellness Program marketing in her area.
  • After re-design and regular newsletter campaigns, a sales consultant won the Top 50 Most Influential award in her industry two years running.
  • A writing consultant became busier than he had been in 10 years after we reorganized his jumbled content to feature his latest posts and his high profile clients