15 Common Qualms About Content Marketing

15 Tame-able content marketing fearsAre you a victim of your own marketing fears? Do you hold back from tweeting, updating, writing, sharing — because of unresolved qualms?

You want the power of content marketing — posting ideas to boost traffic, engage readers, build a following, gather fans, and land ideal clients.

Most of us need some form of marketing to be successful, but many of us dread becoming overwhelmed. Let’s be honest and admit what scares us about content marketing. Knowing your fears is the first step in finding your strength.

Marketing in general is not for the faint of heart. After all, what if we succeed? Ilise Benun the Marketing Mentor nails what may be our greatest unspoken fear in 14 Lame Marketing Excuses. The #1 excuse is…”I’m afraid it’s going to work.”

Putting An End To Secret Marketing Fears

We can’t conquer the monsters we don’t see. So let’s name them to tame them (borrowing a phrase from successful psychologist and content marketer Daniel Siegel).

Here are my 15 most suspected fears about content marketing — and I want to know what rattles you most. Go ahead and share your comments and replies –

15 Tame-able Content Marketing Fears

  1. It will take over my life.
  2. It will be too expensive.
  3. I’ll just do it wrong.
  4. It will be confusing.
  5. It will be complicated.
  6. It won’t work.
  7. It will eat up too much time.
  8. It will make me look stupid.
  9. Nobody will read what I post.
  10. I’m afraid of writing.
  11. I don’t know what to do first.
  12. It’s too much to organize.
  13. I’m afraid to admit I don’t really know about content marketing, or why I should care.
  14. I’m not technical enough — shudder.
  15. It’s just “too big to learn.”

These fears can be tamed. The first step is getting them out from under the bed, the closet, or the unspoken hiding places in the mind.  We can stop feeling overwhelmed by them, because calling them out starts the process of using them to fuel our transformation.

When it comes to posting and publishing to promote your business, what roadblock do you want to overcome the most?


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