Content Marketing Myth Busted

A great piece of content is like a good friend. A friend answers people’s questions about you.  A good friend speaks for your better qualities without overselling you.  That’s what a great article does for your business. It’s not a sales person on a screen. Your friends, and your helpful articles, allow people to know you better.

Play mp3s on any web page with Google Gadgets players

Got .mp3s? Say you’re stashing your .mp3 files on Dropbox, or Google Drive, or on your own web host. And you want a quick way to allow visitors to play these files on your website. You just want to copy and paste a few lines of code – no plugins, no software, no fuss. […]

10 Dos and Don’ts for Naming Your Local Business

When you start a local business, nothing is more important than being easy to find in your area. When it comes to your website, the name you choose has an important job in making you more visible on the street and online. Your Name Matters for Your Visibility Google and other search engines, look at […]

How to Set Yourself Above Your Competition in Your Client’s Eyes

I just have to share with you a life-altering marketing lesson, taught by example of a successful local business. It’s a story about daring to go for the kind of client you want. My husband and I decided to repave our driveway. Over the past week or two, I’ve called 3 paving contractors I found on the […]

Preview a Post in WordPress Before Publishing

Think before you press “publish.” That’s because WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr — any site builder with a feed — sends out a stream of data that’s filled with content the instant you press “publish.” Servers listening to feeds — like Facebook, LinkedIn, your subscriber’s services — detect updates almost instantly. New Posts Get Detected Fast A […]

WordPress Membership Plugins: 3 Options Compared

One of the best ways to earn money by sharing your knowledge is with a membership site.  If your knowledge helps people fix business problems or reach life goals, a membership site allows you to work with individuals in a private group setting instead of one at a time. Another plus is the dynamic between […]

Embed your youtube iframe without related videos

The video below is embedded using default iframe code. This allows related videos to show up at the end. With a click, your visitor can browse these in YouTube. If you don’t want to let visitors leave your site for YouTube, you can remove the related video links. The embed code is changed below so […]

What to put on your home page

Your home page is probably the most reliably viewed page of your site.  It may not be the first viewed.   But your home page gets a large share of visits, especially if people want to find out what you do. It’s important to make a great impression with your home page.  You’re trying to earn […]

Easy Drop shadows with CSS3 Generator

One of the most exciting developments in web design is the new rendering power of modern browsers. Web designers can add new instructions to style sheets that produce drop shadows, rounded corners, smooth transitions and other effects — all without the coding burden required before. The latest stylesheet standard — CSS3 — gives you more […]