Engaging headlines and subheadings

The Secrets to Subheadings that Keep People Reading

  Your new blog post or Ezine article is a strategic workhorse to attract new visitors to your website.  A good headline is vital to start people reading.  But once you’ve crafted a headline promising a desired benefit to your readers – don’t stop there. A good headline can’t succeed alone. A common mistake in […]

How the Internet Creates Wealth: Insights from the book Hackers and Painters

In the book Hackers and Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age, Paul Graham shares his thinking about how computer technology changes the way we live and create wealth. Graham attempts explain the relationship between social norms, computers, work, and commerce. Graham’s authority? His startup created the immensely successful Yahoo Store. This book is the […]

Tag Lines: How to Present Yours for Best Impact

A great tag line is like biting into a flavor-packed appetizer. It presents an idea so compact you can almost taste it. A good tagline delivers a distinctly welcome benefit to your target audience on impact. An effective tag line says: You’ve found the right place to get what you’re hungry for. It’s small, but […]