What does SSL do for a website

7 Reasons You Should Use SSL for Your Website

7 Reasons Why You Need an SSL Certificate for Your Blog or Website of any size — Small business owners often ask: “Do I need an SSL certificate for my blog?” If you have a website, you should use SSL. It doesn’t matter whether you sell anything, or whether you ask visitors to fill in […]

personal branding

Personal branding — How To Get the Unique Presence You Want

What is personal branding? That was the question on a recent Twitter #contentchat, hosted by marketing consultant Erika Heald. Is personal branding a trendy concept, or an important key to your success? Should you really bother developing your personality online, given everything else you’re doing as a marketer or solo entrepreneur? Why You Should Care […]

Social Media Goals\ Template

How to Set Social Media Goals (Free Template)

How can using social media help your business? The top reason for most marketers is to build “brand awareness.” That’s according to The State of Social 2016 survey of 1,252 marketers by Buffer. The top 3 social media goals (with the percent of business marketers who chose them) are: Brand awareness (85%) Community Engagement (71%) Content […]

what makes a good Twitter name

3 Tips for Choosing a Good Twitter Name (With Examples)

You want a Twitter name that helps people remember you. You want people to easily connect your handle to your personal name, brand or your business name. That means you need a twitter handle that is: Easy to say Easy hear correctly when spoken Easy to remember Consistent with your brand 15 characters or less […]

most successful headline phrases

How to Get More Blog Views with Little Headline Phrases (New Data)

You blog because you believe it drives traffic. And you’re right. Blogging is the most effective way to get more search traffic, says Forbes. But as you write, do you wonder “How do I get more people to my blog?” Even with millions of posts going online daily, you can attract more blog views with […]

3 free keyword research tools

3 Free Keyword Tools to Get More Traffic to Your Website

It’s tempting to think of Google keywords like candy: the more SEO keywords you put your content, the more clicks you could get. But keywords don’t always work like that. You can heap sweet piles of keywords into your content for traffic’s sake, but it’s hard to get the hoped-for results. It’s true that strategic use of search terms is likely to get you some new […]