being more human online

We need to make personal connections online, even if we’re sick of video calls

After my third virtual meeting of the day, I’m ready to heave my laptop out the window.  If we’ve learned one thing from meeting online, it’s how much we need to make remote connections meaningful. Working remotely demands extra energy. First we must bring the effort to do the job. Then we need additional focus […]

creativity with gutenberg blocks

This Is Why the WordPress Block Editor Will Light Up Your Creative Brain

At first I hated them. WordPress launched the new block editor December 6, 2018, and it tripped up my workflow. Why bother learning how to use Gutenberg blocks? This system breaks up every piece of content – even paragraphs – into separate units.  Goodbye nice big Visual Editor. Now each element — paragraph, heading, image, […]

5 tips for wordpress for business

WordPress for Business: 5 Must-Have Skills to Keep Your Site Fast, Safe and Reliable

If you use WordPress for business, congratulations! Setting up the software from and changing a theme takes hard work. Your reward: You now have a powerful publishing system at your fingertips. WordPress is the most affordable, capable and flexible tool I know for website design and marketing. Even better, this fast, feature-rich website builder […]