personal branding

Personal branding — How To Get the Unique Presence You Want

What is personal branding? That was the question on a recent Twitter #contentchat, hosted by marketing consultant Erika Heald. Is personal branding a trendy concept, or an important key to your success? Should you really bother developing your personality online, given everything else you’re doing as a marketer or solo entrepreneur? Why You Should Care […]

Why these 5 free software tools will make your small business more secure, more powerful and more profitable

Anybody can put up a website and start an online business. But as an entrepreneur, you must make the most of your time while giving your all to your business and your marketing. So, let’s look at these 5 free online business tools and how they can give your business huge benefits. Your time is […]

Improve reading ease to get more traffic

Half of adults can’t read above the 9th grade level. That is why you need this readability guide for your blog.

Optimize Reading Ease to Better Engage Readers and Increase Your Impact. Short sentences may be the biggest secret weapon to win traffic, readers and trust. Used well, they help you look sharp. They get your message through. People want what’s easy to understand. If you use words to build an audience, reading ease helps you […]

Can we guess if social media marketing is working for to you? We can by checking these numbers.

A surprising 60% of small businesses could not track the value of their social media activities in 2016, says Hubspot. The less companies know measuring performance, the less likely they are to meet their revenue goals. Almost 3 in 4 companies who failed to pass their revenue goals also didn’t know their visitor, lead, marketing-qualified […]

3 free keyword research tools

3 Free Keyword Tools to Get More Traffic to Your Website

It’s tempting to think of Google keywords like candy: the more SEO keywords you put your content, the more clicks you could get. But keywords don’t always work like that. You can heap sweet piles of keywords into your content for traffic’s sake, but it’s hard to get the hoped-for results. It’s true that strategic use of search terms is likely to get you some new […]