10 Heartwarming Ways to Get More Shares

How do you meet new people?  You pick a social occasion, find an opening, and introduce yourself. But what if everyone is busy? That’s when having a friend to introduce you is a huge help in making new contacts. We want the same help in our online social life too. That’s why we want our friends and clients to share our posts […]

How to write with humor

Humor me: Here’s How to Write a Funny Blog Post

A sense of humor is a huge help to building to a successful business. It’s hard work to keep writing great content, maintain your marketing, and run your  business. Sometimes you just want to toss it all aside and cut loose with your inner goofball. Ready to throw caution to the wind? Great! Here we go.

Content Marketing Myth Busted

A great piece of content is like a good friend. A friend answers people’s questions about you.  A good friend speaks for your better qualities without overselling you.  That’s what a great article does for your business. It’s not a sales person on a screen. Your friends, and your helpful articles, allow people to know you better.

Approve a Comment or Spam It? How to Moderate Your WordPress Blog

If you publish a blog using WordPress, most likely you’re looking for comments on your posts. One nice thing about using WordPress is automatic comment notification. When set up correctly, you get an email with an actionable alert when a new comment is submitted. If your site is set up professionally, your blog likely holds […]