15 Tame-able content marketing fears

15 Common Qualms About Content Marketing

Are you a victim of your own marketing fears? Do you hold back from tweeting, updating, writing, sharing — because of unresolved qualms? You want the power of content marketing — posting ideas to boost traffic, engage readers, build a following, gather fans, and land ideal clients. Most of us need some form of marketing to be […]

Content curation: Curate content your people love

Curated Content: How to Serve and Delight Your Crowd

Content curation is more valuable to your brand than you might think. When it’s time to buy or try something, we face a confounding amount of information.   Choosing takes work. You might ask people you know for their experience: “How was that movie?” “What did you like about that car?” “Who did you use to […]

Content marketing hard-wires help to your business goals

Content Marketing: Definitions and Examples from the Experts

You’ve tried blogging, paid advertising, and getting busy on social media. But still, you don’t see the new prospects you want coming into your business. What can you do? You may have heard of content marketing – a way to get clients by sharing helpful information and building a loyal following. How is that different […]

Audience Engagement Examples

Audience Engagement Recipes: Million-View Formulas from 3 Top YouTubers

It’s a weeknight and I’m driving home late. Cold air blasting through the windows helps me stay awake. As I walk in, my daughter, who’s supposed to be asleep, greets me and asks, “Do you want to watch a little Rhett and Link? They posted a new video.” I agree. I’m happy to spend a few minutes laughing with her, […]

Content Marketing Myth Busted

A great piece of content is like a good friend. A friend answers people’s questions about you.  A good friend speaks for your better qualities without overselling you.  That’s what a great article does for your business. It’s not a sales person on a screen. Your friends, and your helpful articles, allow people to know you better.

Does Humor Help or Hurt as a Marketing Strategy?

People love to laugh. We want to laugh. We tell others about things we think are funny.  So, is it good to use humor in your marketing plan? Laughter Can be Good for You, and Your Brand Depending on who you ask, a zany or silly approach can either help or hurt your business.  In […]