What does SSL do for a website

7 Best Reasons to Use SSL for Your Website

7 Reasons Why SSL and HTTPS are important for WordPress sites, Blogs, and websites of any size — If you have a website, you should use SSL. It doesn’t matter whether you sell anything, or whether you ask visitors to fill in a form. When you visit a website, data about your computer travels across […]

3 free keyword research tools

3 Free Keyword Tools to Get More Traffic to Your Website

It’s tempting to think of Google keywords like candy: the more SEO keywords you put your content, the more clicks you could get. But keywords don’t always work like that. You can heap sweet piles of keywords into your content for traffic’s sake, but it’s hard to get the hoped-for results. It’s true that strategic use of search terms is likely to get you some new […]

Google’s Author Markup: Enhanced Display, More of Your Work

Google is processing content with a new kind of indexing, called author markups.  It helps Google pull together all the content you have created on the web, into one list in the search results.  People see this list of content you’ve authored when searching your name.  It also connects your name with a Google Profile […]

Keywords in Domains Get Less Weight in Google

If you start a business, you need to choose a domain name. Finding a good name that is available can be quite a challenge. People who want the best chance to rank well in Google work hard to get a keyword in the domain name. If you sell candy, for example, AllCandy.com would help you […]