How to write with humor

Humor me: Here’s How to Write a Funny Blog Post

A sense of humor is a huge help to building to a successful business. It’s hard work to keep writing great content, maintain your marketing, and run your  business. Sometimes you just want to toss it all aside and cut loose with your inner goofball. Ready to throw caution to the wind? Great! Here we go.

Preview a Post in WordPress Before Publishing

Think before you press “publish.” That’s because WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr — any site builder with a feed — sends out a stream of data that’s filled with content the instant you press “publish.” Servers listening to feeds — like Facebook, LinkedIn, your subscriber’s services — detect updates almost instantly. New Posts Get Detected Fast A […]

What to put on your home page

Your home page is probably the most reliably viewed page of your site.  It may not be the first viewed.   But your home page gets a large share of visits, especially if people want to find out what you do. It’s important to make a great impression with your home page.  You’re trying to earn […]

Content Precedes Design: Words Drive Optimal Web Design

Web design exists to help people grasp and consume specific content.  Blogger Hafiz Rahman reminds us that design’s job is not simply to make any-old content look decent.  Its job is to help people gain the benefit of words, images, products or interactions they seek. That’s the principle behind the claim “content precedes design.”  It’s […]

Dealing with Customer Doubt: The Language of Trust by Michael Maslansky

How do you inspire trust with words online?  You may have a firm handshake, a warm smile, and can look people in the eye with honesty.  But these face-to-face cues can’t help you online. Your words become your language of trust. Create Content to Overcome Short attention spans and Reader Reluctance Studies show most web […]

The Biggest Rookie Website Mistake and How to Avoid It

About 90% of new websites have a critical error:  they promote the company’s qualifications, not the customer’s best interests.  A business owner’s first website tends to promote the merits of the business.  Granted, your capabilities are vital.  But touting your abilities on your website is a misguided strategy to turn visitors into customers. Feature the […]

Engaging headlines and subheadings

The Secrets to Subheadings that Keep People Reading

  Your new blog post or Ezine article is a strategic workhorse to attract new visitors to your website.  A good headline is vital to start people reading.  But once you’ve crafted a headline promising a desired benefit to your readers – don’t stop there. A good headline can’t succeed alone. A common mistake in […]

Tag Lines: How to Present Yours for Best Impact

A great tag line is like biting into a flavor-packed appetizer. It presents an idea so compact you can almost taste it. A good tagline delivers a distinctly welcome benefit to your target audience on impact. An effective tag line says: You’ve found the right place to get what you’re hungry for. It’s small, but […]