Is Your Website Helping You Grow?

What is the most frustrating thing about your website?

That’s the question I’m asking this week.

I’m asking everyone I know – I’ve asked clients, each person subscribing to my blog, and you.

So why is “what’s frustrating about your website?” such an important question?

Knowing Where To Focus is Half the Battle

The most successful online businesses show us that answering the biggest concerns your people have is at the root of success with your website. As Greg Habstritt said in Commit Slowly, Complete Fully, the first step toward success is knowing who you’re in business to serve.

Do you agree with this? In order to serve your clients and prospects well, it’s really important to understand where they’re coming from and what need, frustration or change they’re looking to make. I believe it.

Feeling stuck?

My mission is to help you in running a website that’s an asset to your business and has you doing MORE of what you love. Do you ever feel like keeping your business website going is more trouble than it’s worth? Do you ever feel like it gets in the way of, what you’re ‘put here to do’ or what’s the most fulfilling work for you?

If your website is helping you grow like gangbusters – great. If you’re like me, you’re making some progress but seeing a lot of potential still to reach.

I admit – my biggest frustration today as I write this is blogging. I know from experience that new content brings in new visitors. But until now, I only write posts when I ‘steal time’ from something else.

My answer to myself is to dedicate the first 30 minutes each workday to write for my blog.

But your biggest concern might be different.

What Is Your Main Website Concern Today?

Could it be one of these?

  • How do I get more traffic?
  • How do I use WordPress to sell my services?
  • How to I get more visitors?
  • What can I say to rise above the noise and get people tuning in?
  • What should I put on my site next?

The reason I want to know is: to focus my work on what you most want to know NOW. There are so many things a website CAN do. But knowing what to do NEXT is often the biggest challenge of all.

I want to help you make your website into something that helps you grow. You know that a website can be a great way to communicate and connect with the people you can truly help, and who’d love to work with you.

Focus helps us all move forward. So, take a minute and help yourself in the comments below. When you think of your business website right now, what is the one thing that bothers you most? Just put the first thing that comes to mind. There’s no better way to move forward than to focus on one thing. What website issue would you like to face today?

Help yourself grow – pick one website frustration you want to focus on, and share it in the comments.

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