PhD Turns CEO



The Challenge: How to take a new academic discovery, and make it work for business? Say you discovered a method to answer the question: Which will be more profitable, Merger A or Merger B? A newly-minted Doctor of Education found a reliable way to predict the success of business mergers. He needed a website to sell his ideas to merger-planning CEOs.

The Goal: Take thought leadership written for academia, and make it generate leads for a new business.

The Solution: We streamlined this consultant’s doctoral work for his business, We repurposed his executive summary into an e-book for lead generation. This adds new subscribers to his email list at a steady rate.

We designed and built a clean, simple website with a color scheme from his new logo. When you’re getting your business legs under you, you may need explain what you do in various ways. So the home page features content snippets and teasers that the business owner can easily change from the back end. Found a new way to say what you do? No need to call the webmaster – in a blink you can change featured text and be done.


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