See people signing up and reading your content. Hear the phone ring more often. Maybe even win an award. These are all results we see for our clients.

frustrated with writingProblem: A consultant wanted to blog every week and send clients a newsletter. But she did not see writing as her strength.

Solution: She drafted articles, which we edited for grammar, spelling, and reading ease. We used our professional SEO tool (Scribe, by Copyblogger) to get a 90-100% SEO score before publishing.

Results: The client appears in first page of results for her target keyword; she won an industry award — three times — in recognition of the quality of her content.

Problem: A startup wanted to attract attention to a specialized, sophisticated new service (based on his PhD work).  But he was starting from ground zero – with no leads and no client history.

Solution: We created a whitepaper to present his PhD findings in clear simple terms, and show how his new approach gives companies a strategic advantage.

Results: The whitepaper offer steadily builds an email list of followers, with measurably strong interest. Subscribers open the client’s newsletters at twice the rate of all recipients, and engage by clicking twice as often.

Problem: A client’s original website gave him little traction with his target audience. Even though he wrote fresh content often, his site did not showcase it, nor did it re-flow for easy reading on tablets and smartphones.

Solution: We re-designed his site to feature the latest posts in quick, scannable excerpts, a welcome video, and his successful business book. We re-launched it using up-to-date responsive technology.

Results: New clients include Chevron, GE, Visa, Oracle, Georgia-Pacific, Siemens, Motorola, Reebok, the Gap, and Yelp.

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