Group Workshops and Webinars in Stewardship

stewardship workshops


Our Consultants are experienced workshop creators and facilitators. We value participant engagement and wisdom-sharing, while bringing deep knowledge in stewardship. We integrate all forms of media, small and large group processes, and provide informative and interesting presentations. We often partner with other leaders- professional, lay, or clergy- to bring the richest breadth of material to the workshop.

Each setting and size of group will determine the agenda and plan for the workshop. We can provide a keynote,  a single workshop, a short series of workshops, or full stewardship track. We can also provide a webinar on a single topic, or a series of webinars to meet your needs. Our consultants have done all of these with large and small groups with excellent results.

Workshops and Webinars are formulated to meet each groups needs.  A sample of potential topics includes the following:

  • Your Constituents as Donors
  • Transactional Vs. Transformational Giving
  • Communications Strategies for Stewardship
  • Indicators of Healthy Stewardship
  • Growing a Culture of Stewardship
  • Forming, Charging, and Launching a High Impact Stewardship Team
  • Stewardship Strategies: A Primer for Any Campaign
  • Annual Drive Basics and Beyond
  • Fundraisers in Your Organization: The proper place
  • Major Givers and Gifts
  • Endowment and Planned Giving Programs
  • Capital Campaign Overview
  • Envision Future Stewardship, and Head There
  • Let’s Ask! A Practicum on Making Requests
  • Current Trends and Updates to Stewardship


Workshop and Webinar Participants Will:

  • Be inspired and energized about stewardship
  • Feel more grounded in their own giving commitments
  • Have new ideas about ways to improve stewardship
  • Make connections to peers doing stewardship
  • Be better able to communicate about, and recruit people for stewardship
  • Connect stewardship to other parts of organizational function
  • Be able to return and share the information with others

What we Offer:

Each gathering is unique, and each has a different needs and interests in stewardship. We work with your contact person to propose an agenda that fits specifically to your group, theme, and setting.

The workshop and webinar formats usually include audiovisual elements, handouts and worksheets, and Q&A. They may also include case studies or small group discussions. We are fully prepared to support  mixed groups of lay leaders, staff, clergy, and implementers. In general, the time to prepare a stewardship workshop and webinars includes pre-meetings with the contact person, two to three times the length of the workshop(s) to prepare the content, and facilitating the workshop(s) itself. For learning specifically for leader groups, see our Leadership Intensives section.

Workshop and Webinar Reviews

We are FIZZING with inspiration

I LOVED this workshop!! We who attended are FIZZING with inspiration and ideas. Mark’ facilitation was a revelation!!

Robin Lovrien, President of UU Church of Ellsworth, ME

Skills and tools to bring to congregation

“Barry Finkelstein’s keynote on Stewardship was the most valuable feature. It was thought-provoking while also giving me skills and tools to bring back to my congregation.”

SLD Leadership Day attendee

Webinar very helpful

I found the webinar very helpful and informative. The sound quality was excellent and the slides/graphics were a real enhancement and easy to read. I would like to thank your moderator, Mark Ewert, for an excellent job.

Frank Holstein, Board member, Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing, NJ

Webinar… hanging on every word

Thank you so much. We had five members of the Board of Trustees from NWUUC – Atlanta, present in my living room for your webinar. We were hanging on every word, and we’ll be discussing your thoughts in greater detail at our upcoming board meeting, and going forward.

David Zenner, Board member, Northwest Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Sandy Springs, GA

Great workshop

Thanks again for a great workshop. Our team certainly left energized and imagining new possibilities for stewardship at First Church Boston.

Lisa Garcia-Sampson, Intern Minister