Sharing images – a cool plugin for sending images to friends

How do you like them radishes?
Home grown radishes coming along nicely - are yours this big?

Pictures say so much. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to share just a picture from a blog post or gallery?

Now there is.

I’m looking at ImageShare, a WordPress plugin by Jesper800.

It is designed to display social media buttons over images that you upload after you have enabled the plugin.

What happens is your images get a special class when they are uploaded.  The image sharing tool captures the unique ID of each image.

Then, when you publish your blog post with an image, your users will have access to buttons allowing them to send the image to Facebook, Twitter, or a number of other social media sites.  You get to choose — and even set up your own.

I’m excited about being able to offer web visitors a way to share images with their friends. Think about how this could help a photographer or visual artist. It enables visitors to talk over pictures with their social group: “I like this painting of a peaches and a basket of bread – do you think it would look good in my dining room?”

The only problem is — I haven’t gotten it to display the social media buttons so they are large enough to see.

Plugins rarely work for me out of the box (do they for you?) I usually have to tweak them quite a bit.

But this one might be worth it — for an artist, a visitor sharing pictures with his or her friends can be great for business.