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Is Content Marketing Too Much Work? Here’s How to Tell

All relationships take work. Whether we want personal or business ties, we know we have to ‘put ourselves out there’ to meet other people. For business, content marketing could be the most popular way to build relationships by gaining subscribers and followers. But content marketing often confused with simply publishing. It’s easy to get caught […]

How to delete a spam comment in Facebook

Spam doesn’t usually appear in Facebook. After watching a dozen or so business Facebook pages as an administrator, it seems that Facebook keeps spam to a minimum. But today, spam happened. Does spam happen to you? One of the pages I manage had this totally off-topic comment. It promoted this ‘make money at home’ process […]

Should a B2B Business have a Facebook Page?

Most people search Facebook to find friends and family. So why have a business page if your potential clients are searching for personal reasons, not business reasons? Is Facebook any good for B2B marketing?  This is a really good question. There’s a short answer and a long answer. Short answer:  Since Facebook pages are now […]