Humor me: Here’s How to Write a Funny Blog Post

A sense of humor is a huge help to building to a successful business. It’s hard work to keep writing great content, maintain your marketing, and run your  business. Sometimes you just want to toss it all aside and cut loose with your inner goofball. Ready to throw caution to the wind? Great! Here we go.

As it turns out, the Internet CAN provide too much of a good thing. Your blog may be living proof. You put tons of time into making a quality post, on a hot topic, from which you expect a decent show of interest. But after weeks online, your site is as quiet as a shaved ice stand in January. Where are your readers?

No matter the distractions, there IS hope. You CAN stop being invisible, even if you don’t see how.

You’ve been killing yourself working so hard. Why not give humor a shot.

To start, we will steal the Number One Tip used by successful business professionals. All you need is this one simple tip and your personal sense of humor. No problem, right? Let’s get started.

How to write with humor

The Number One Tip to Warm Up to Your Audience

You know how business people deal with pre-presentation jitters? The Number One Tip is to imagine the audience in their underwear.

This trick can help bloggers perform better too. Let your imagination expand. Think of people who really need a laugh. Start with coal miners, EMTs, hazardous waste removal workers and parents.

Brace yourself to face the stressed reader. Don’t worry about their bad day at work. Forget all the trendy small-minded, petty, intolerant, over-subscribed media-gossipers who flame bloggers for wasting people’s time (we need them). Just imagine them in their underpants.

There’s just one little problem with the underwear-only crowd — and it’s not what you’re thinking. As a blogger your audience is not one you can see. With a few adjustments this technique will work for you too.

Readers are awaiting your first quip, glaring at their blank screens, all bulging muscles and goose bumps. You are frozen with writer’s block at the other end of the Internet, frantically trying to crack off something funny.

This adds a lot of pressure, which we all know is extremely good for productivity.

Now, to connect with your audience, you need to see them as equals. Are you sitting at your desk fully clothed? That’s a problem. Your perspective is off. Time to peel down to basics yourself.

Once you in your skivvies are back at the writing desk, you are ready to make people laugh.

Why This Works

The reason is this works is, writing in your underwear is nuts. It helps you avoid taking yourself and everything else too seriously.

We live in a society that holds serious authors in high esteem. We honor and revere writers whose works are made into course curricula and movies. We marvel at their mighty success. However, during their lifetimes, the general populous didn’t think nearly so highly of these artists. The best way to apprehend the magnitude of their literary greatness is to duck and cover.

No, wait. That’s not it. Let’s be brave. Let us fight back. When you are sitting in your underwear in front of a blank screen, you discover the twin urges known as “fight or flight”. They are the rocket fuel of inspiration. That’ll put a skip in your step.

Draw From Your Higher Purpose

Remember the real reason you are doing this. It is not to change the world, or to impart deep meaning, or even to advance human learning.

You’re doing it to get attention. You want the good kind of attention.

Bad Attention

Do not perform this exercise while there is any chance of contact with real people.

The bad kind of attention usually comes from people you know.

For example, just as you reach the underwear part of your prep work, the local kids selling cookies and popcorn knock on the door. You know they are going to peek in to see if you are home. You are going to peek out to see who it is, and there is going to be this dreadful moment of reckoning.

The kids see you prancing in your unmentionables, and run for help. This gets the attention of the biggest, scariest, bad-a** parents in your neighborhood. It’s the worst kind of attention.

To remove the risk, get out now. Move on to a more mature piece of writing immediately (click here).

Good Attention

Good attention comes from the people who like to browse, laugh and update their friends.

They share their findings with others, and then click on the other links you plant in your material.

In my case, I want to get more people to look at other articles that I’ve written. I actually do write things I want people to take seriously. I even wrote them in “blog-professional” attire.

Real Advice for How to Write a Funny Blog Post

The most important thing to learn is what makes something laughable in the first place. Your original way of looking at the world has a lot to do with it.

I recently spent (too much) time looking at the most-viewed video content on the most-subscribed YouTube channels. The originality of the most popular posts was impressive. How do these people make this stuff up?

It turns out, the most popular of the video bloggers start with very common topics. They find unique ways to set up situations in which to express themselves. You can pick up some useful, valuable audience engagement tips from the pros.

Embracing your own view of the world is an important first step to getting attention. This can help a great deal in finding your recipe for audience-building material for your business. If you like this idea, please help share it.

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Your own original ideas can take you beyond trying to look funny for your cause. Nobody wants to TRY to look funny anyway. It only works when we succeed.

PS. If you have read this far and are not amused, that’s okay. Research has discovered that posting jokes for screen reading makes them fall flat.

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